New SSIDD Video Playlist: Dramatized Disputations

Collection of “Dramatized Disputations,” mostly from Arabic miniseries, posted on the SSIDD’s YouTube channel

Forthcoming Conference 
Patricia Crone Memorial Conference
The Majlis Revisited: Inter- and intra-religious and cross-cultural disputations in the Islamicate world
Casa Árabe, Cordoba
12-14 April, 2018
Organized by Camilla Adang; Sonja Brentjes; Maribel Fierro; Sabine Schmidtke

McGill Islamic Studies Library Blogpost on the Dialectical Forge

Hassan Ansari’s Blogpost, Edition

A new contribution from Hassan Ansari, including a diplomatic edition (from what is evidently the last surviving manuscript witness) of the preface to Abū Manṣūr ʿAbd al-Qāhir al-Baghdādī’s (d. 429/1037) Kitāb ʿIyār al-Naẓar fī ʿIlm al-Jadal. In al-Baghdādī’s preface we read, among other things, the status quaestionis for the field of jadal-theory–across disciplines–in his day, and of his dissatisfaction with its piecemeal presentation, and his intention to provide a truly comprehensive manual.

New / Recently Learned of Publications:

Ibn Taymiyya, Taqī al-Dīn Aḥmad b. ʿAbd Al-Ḥalīm. Tanbīh al-Rajul al-ʿĀqil ʿalā Tamwīh al-Jadal al-Bāṭil. Ed. ʿAlī b. Muḥammad ʿUmrān and Muḥammad ʿUzayr Shams. Mecca: Dār ʿĀlam Al-Fawā’id li’l-Nashr wa’l-Tawzīʿ, 2004. [A commentary and refutation of al-Nasafī’s Muqaddima / Fuṣūl]

Debates as to authorship of the Tanbīh al-Rajul al-ʿĀqil ʿalā Tamwīh al-Jadal al-Bāṭil (with thanks to Prof. Jon Hoover for the reference):

Makdisi, George. “The Tanbīh of Ibn Taymīya on Dialectic: The Pseudo-ʿAqīlian Kitāb al-Farq.” In Sami A. Hanna, ed. Medieval and Middle Eastern Studies in Honor of Aziz Suryal Atiya. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1972, pp. 285–94.

al-Nasafī, Burhān al-Dīn Muḥammad b. Muḥammad. Fuṣūl fi’l-Jadal. Eds. ʿAlī b. Muḥammad ʿUmrān and Muḥammad ʿUzayr Shams. In Ibn Taymiyya, Tanbīh al-Rajul al-ʿĀqil ʿalā Tamwīh al-Jadal al-Bāṭil, idem, eds. Mecca: Dār ʿĀlam Al-Fawā’id li’l-Nashr wa’l-Tawzīʿ, 2004, pp. 639-668.

Widigdo, Mohammad Syifa Amin. Imām al-Ḥaramayn al-Juwaynī on Jadal: Juridical and Theological Dialectic in the Fifth/Eleventh Century. PhD Thesis, Indiana University, 2016.

Frank, Richard M. “The Kalâm, an Art of Contradiction-Making or Theological Science? Some Remarks on the Question.” Journal of the American Oriental Society 88 (1968): 295–309.

Rezaeiyazdi, Hamid. “‘Neither Ākhūnd nor Fukulī’ : Munāzirah and the Discourse of Iranian Modernity.” Iranian Studies 49/5 (2016): 855-885.

Rezaeiyazdi, Hamid. “The Dialogical Tradition of Iranian Modernity: Monazereh, Simultaneity, and the Making of Modern Iran.” Iranian Studies 49/3 (2015): 327-357.

Cook, Michael. “Ibn Saʿdī on Truth-Blindness.” Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam 33 (2007), pp. 169-178.


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