Islamic Disputation Theory: The Uses & Rules of Argument in Medieval Islam

Larry Miller

Over 35 years ago, Larry Benjamin Miller completed his field-founding doctoral dissertation, Islamic Disputation Theory, and opened the way to rediscovering an ocean of sophisticated, premodern dialectic and critical argumentation. Thanks to the kind encouragement of Shahid Rahman, and the critical venue of his “Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning” series (Springer), Larry Miller has finally published his dissertation as an indexed monograph. Copies can be ordered now.

Inferences by Parallel Reasoning in Islamic Jurisprudence: Al-Shīrāzī’s Insights into the Dialectical Constitution of Meaning and Knowledge

Shahid Rahman and Muhammad Iqbal (introduction by Youcef Soufi)

From Springer’s description:

“This monograph proposes a new (dialogical) way of studying the different forms of correlational inference, known in the Islamic jurisprudence as qiyās. According to the authors’ view, qiyās represents an innovative and sophisticated form of dialectical reasoning that not only provides new epistemological insights into legal argumentation in general (including legal reasoning in Common and Civil Law) but also furnishes a fine-grained pattern for parallel reasoning which can be deployed in a wide range of problem-solving contexts and does not seem to reduce to the standard forms of analogical reasoning studied in contemporary philosophy of science and argumentation theory.


Other Publications (New or Recently Learned of)

Pehlivan, Necmettin and Hadi Ensar Ceylan. “Şemseddin Muhammed b. Eşref es-Semerkandî el-Hüseynî et-Türkî’ye Ait İki Yeni Eser: Şerhu Menşe’i’n-Nazar ve Şerhu’n-Nikât.” Nazariyat 6.1 (April 2020), pp. 115-207.

[Includes an edition of the Sharḥ Mansha’ al-Naẓar, pp. 136-207]

al-Baghdādī, Abū Manṣūr ʿAbd al-Qāhir. ʿIyār al-Naẓar fī ʿIlm al-Jadal. Ed. Aḥmad Muḥammad ʿArrūbī. Kuwait: Dār Asfār, 2020.

Qurboniev, Aslisho. “The Writing of Munāẓarāt in Times of Turmoil: Disputations In Fatimid Ifrīqiya.” The Medieval Globe 5.2 (2019): 59-86.

Faytre, Leonard. “Münazara” And The Internal Dimension Of Argumentation Ethics: A Translation And Commentary On Ahmed Cevdet’s Adab-I Sedad In The Light Of Sufism And Western Argumentation Theories. Ma Thesis, Ibn Haldun University, The Alliance Of Civilizations Institute, Department Of Civilization Studies, June 2018.

Ibn Abī Jumhūr, Muḥammad b. ʿAlī. Al-Mujādalāt fi’l-Madhhab: Munāẓarāt waqaʿat bayna Abī Jumhūr wa al-Harawī sanna 878 fī Khurāsān. Ed. Riḍā Yaḥyā Pūrfārmad. Beirut: Dār al-Maḥajja al-Bayḍā’ li’l-Ṭibāʿa wa’l-Nashr wa’l-Tawzīʿ, 2015.


Online Audio / Video (New or Recently Learned of)

شرح الرشيدية في علم آداب البحث و المناظرة / محمد السيد الحنبلي

آداب البحث والمناظرة / د محمد سالم ابوعاصي

آداب البحث والمناظرة / دكتور على صالح الازهرى

تسهيل علم المناظرة مع توضيح متن الآداب لطاشكبري زاده



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