2nd World Congress on Logic and Religion

The 2nd World Congress on Logic and Religion — at the University of Warsaw, 18-22 June 2017… CFP in the following fields: Impact of religious beliefs on logical structures; Logic at the service of apologetics; Rationalization of religious beliefs; Justification in religious legal traditions (including Talmudic Logic); Logics vis-a-vis illogicalities in religion; Non-classical logics and … More 2nd World Congress on Logic and Religion

Recent Announcements

Item 1 At the International Ṭaşkūbrīzādah Symposium (Istanbul Medeniyet University, November 18-20, 2016), two papers on Ṭaşkūbrīzādah’s Ādāb al-Baḥth will be presented: Kepekçi, Berra. “The Art of Disputation in the Context of Ṭaşkūbrīzādah’s Sharḥ Ādāb al-Baḥth wa’l-Munāẓara.” Arif, Syamsuddin. “Ṭaşkūbrīzādah on the Art of Disputation: Risālah fī Ādāb al-Baḥth wa al-Munāẓarah.” Item 2 Just published, secondary … More Recent Announcements